Connecting The ELD For The First Time

Below are the following steps to take in order to successfully connect the Locus ELD to the driver application for the first time. 

This is referred to as a "Manual Connection" and this process has to occur on the first connection in order to successfully identify and associate the specific ELD with the truck it has been installed into.

After this process occurs for the first time any subsequent connections made can be done with the automated connection functionality, unless an ELD has been removed from the original truck. 

Upon initial log-in you will see the following screen with an orange bar across the top informing you that the ELD is not connected to the driver application. 


Press the "Connect" button in the orange bar. Select "Manual Connection" on the pop up box below. 


Your supported ELD device will be either say "Geometris" or "Pacific Track" as seen below. Select "Next"


The device will search for any available ELD's and list them by serial number, ordered by strongest signal to weakest signal. Ensure that the ELD you select matches the ELD installed into the truck. 


A dialogue box will pop up showing you the attempting ELD connection.


Once completed, an audible chime occurs and you will see the icon below indicating a connected ELD. 


After the first time ELD connection takes place and the ELD has been associated with a specific truck, the system remembers the unique ELD ID and stores it in the system. Subsequent ELD connections will only require the driver to initiate the automated connection process selected below by Selecting "Connect" instead of "Manual Connection" as described above for the initial connection. 



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