Checking Driver & Carrier Settings

Hours of Service Settings

This is where the basic driver, vehicle, carrier and shipping data is entered and stored within the app. The identification data stored here is then used by the app, web portal and in the driver’s daily log report.

 It is good practice to check the Hours of Service settings prior to using the system to ensure the system was set up accurately. 

To check that your Driver and Carrier settings are correct do the following:

Open Sidebar Menu and Select “Settings"


In Settings, select "Hours of Service"


Review The Following Driver Items for Accuracy:

  • Driver Name
  • CDL or DL Number & Issuing State

Review The Following Driver Items for Accuracy:

  • Carrier Name
  • Carrier DOT Numer
  • Carrier Address
  • Carrier Phone Number
  • Home Terminal Address

Review the Following Driver Rules for Accuracy:

  • Country
  • Cycle
  • Home Terminal Time Zone
  • Start Time
  • Cargo - Property vs. Passenger
  • 34 Hour Restart

From this location you are also able to capture a signature for log and DVIR certification and set your lock screen preference to display while the vehicle is in motion. 




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