Managing a 30 Minute Break

The Start Break button will be disabled when the duty status is Off Duty or Sleeper Berth.

The Start Break button will be enabled when the duty status is On Duty or Driving. Once you tap the Start Break button, a pop up dialog will be displayed asking you to confirm that you wish to start your break.

To manage a 30 minute break, do the following. 

Tap the Start Break button


When prompted and asked if you are wanting to start your 30 minute break, press Yes.


After starting your 30 minute break, a countdown timer begins counting down from 30:00.


When your countdown timer runs down to 00:00, your 30 minute break is complete. A pop up message will be displayed alerting the driver that the 30 minute break is complete. 



You may end your 30 minute break earlier by selecting the End Break button. 


If ending your break prior to the 30 minutes being completed you will be prompted with the following warning, if you click yes, your 30 minute break will stop and you will still be required to complete a consecutive 30 minute break period. 


It is important to remember that in ELD mode, when the truck goes over 5MPH that the ELD will automatically move the truck into a driving status. This will occur even if you are in your 30 minute break countdown. If this happens, your 30 minute break will cancel and you will be forced to re-start the 30 minute consecutive break period again.




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