Go Off-Duty at End of Shift

If not using a Sleeper Berth, it is important to remember to go Off-Duty at the end of the driver shift. Failing to go Off-Duty at the end of a shift will prevent the driver from accumulating the proper number of consecutive hours Off-Duty required to reset the drive-time and shift-time clocks for the next day. 

The driver may use the normal Change Duty Status function to do this or can quickly go off-duty by logging off the driver application and checking the "Go Off-Duty" box during the log-off process. 

To go Off-Duty during the log-off process, do the following:

Open Sidebar Menu and Select “Logout"


When prompted to logout, a "Go Off-Duty" checkbox is visible. Check this box and select Logout in order to go Off-Duty upon Logout. 


Note: If any uncertified logs exist, the driver will be prompted to certify logs before logging out. 






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