Certify Logs During Login & Logout

A certified log is required for the Office Admin users to be able to view and print a PDF version of a signed, certified driver log in the office. 

The easiest way to certify the driver log is during a login or logout of the driver application. The application will automatically prompt the driver that there are uncertified logs that need to be certified. 

To certify a log during the login or logout process, follow there steps:

If you are in any other status than Off-Duty, the system will prompt you and ask you to go Off-Duty in order to certify a log. 

During the initial login or logoff process, if uncertified logs are present a pop shown below appears. 


To certify the logs, start with the oldest log and select Certify as shown below. 


Select "Agree" on the certify log pop shown below.


A PDF generating message will appear letting you know that the process has started. 


Once completed, the driver will be prompted with an option to email the log. If an email is not sent, a PDF version will still be available in the Admin Portal. 


The log certification process is now complete. 

Note: Logs can only be certified by the driver, from the driver application. Logs only stay on the driver application for the required 8 days under US Cycles and 15 days under Canadian Cycles, so it is important to ensure that log certification is happening frequently. 


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